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I have created and provided programs for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
I love to share with families, classrooms from pre-K to university, Naturalist clubs, or corporate functions.
No matter the audience, I can create an engaging and memorable experience that leaves people wanting
to make active change in our world! 


In my experience, the keys to sharing knowledge are Flexibility, Adaptability and Exploration so each and every talk I provide is customized to the audience based on their wants and needs. Send me a message with details about your audience and what science you would like translated and I’ll get back to you. 


Can’t decide what science you want to have translated? Here are some of my favorite programs to inspire you! 






Our incredible planet is loaded with life, and bugs make up a hefty piece of the pie! Get the chance to take a close look at some of Monteverde, Costa Rica's live arthropods as we follow the evolutionary timeline. This alternative lecture takes place in the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens and uses live specimens instead of slides. Bryna will share captivating and entertaining stories woven together by the fascinating invertebrates of the cloud forest of Costa Rica.


From the oceans, to the clouds —  

growing up as a bug.png

— the diverse developmental strategies of insects 


Everyone's childhood is different, so you can imagine the stories you can get from half a million species of insects. From her insectarium in Costa Rica, Bryna B. will share some of the parenting styles and family dynamics that go on right under our feet and above our heads. 





Plants, butterflies and moths have a long and tumultuous history.


Join Bryna B. inside her butterfly garden in Costa Rica while she shares the relationship of butterflies and plants, the good and the toxic.


What came first, 

science translation-.png

How to make non-technical audiences fall in love with our planet by making knowledge accessible! 

Join Bryna B. in Costa Rica as she demonstrates how to connect tough audiences to unpopular
concepts using arthropods. We have the coolest planet, and so many people haven't even noticed!


Sometimes people don't understand or connect with a concept or message, some people even
fight to stay scientifically illiterate. In order to effectively share knowledge with these people or anyone
else, we need techniques that insure accessibility! Bryna will explain the Science Translation method
she developed to win over the thousands of bug-haters that visit her Butterfly Garden every year. 


Pre - K through 12th Grade

custom School programs.png

I love a good challenge and opportunity to create a new program! Send me your curriculum points and I'll create a program that is grade appropriate and ties with your theme. 

All programs are one hour and have a live talk followed by a Q&A through Zoom or your preferred platform. I make myself available to the teachers ahead of the program to determine what content and activities would work best for their class.


You can also receive supporting classroom materials. I love to provide a full package, so you don't have to use your valuable time coming up with related activities.

I create an activity for the teacher to use before the program to get kids thinking of questions before the program.  I also provide a curriculum linked lesson plan for the teachers to use with the students as a follow up to the field trip. 


I believe that science should be accessible to all. I don’t let a budget hold knowledge back, so reach out and let's talk about what we can do! We have the coolest planet, and everyone should know! 

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