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/ˈsīəns/ /ˈtranzˌlādər,ˈtran(t)sˌlādər/


noun: The rendering of scientific concepts into everyday language


Bryna B. is a science translator rooted in the cloud forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica. Originally from Quebec, she has pioneered science communication programs for educational facilities in Canada, South Africa and Costa Rica for over 15 years. For the last 8 years, Bryna has been the Education Director and owner of the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens. Living in such a biodiverse part of the world, she is constantly reminded of why she dedicates her time to the wonderful creatures that inhabit our world (especially the ones that many are afraid of!). Bryna connects audiences to science through her creative, and humorous science translation, making sure scientific knowledge is accessible and that everyone knows that we have the coolest planet!


Bryna has created dozens of original programs, interactive talks, lectures, and classroom materials that are fun and effective. She has given thousands of talks to people from around the world, and in three languages, about science. In addition, she has trained over 200 young scientists how to be effective science communicators through her Science Communication Internship hosted at her Butterfly Gardens in Costa Rica. She believes that making the discoveries and knowledge gained by scientists accessible to everyone, not just technical audiences, is a vital step in creating a more secure, connected and healthy planet for all its inhabitants.


Bryna is often found with a bug in her hand. She is always available to help get a tarantula out of your washing machine, or tell you a funny story about a cockroach! With the last 8 years spent in her insectarium, she's got a lot of material to bug you with.


Bryna has a huge crush on reptiles and amphibians. From turtles and snakes, to frogs and salamanders, she is excited for their cold-blooded stories to pull at your heartstrings.


I am currently the owner and education director of the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens. My approach to Science Translation makes our complex planet accessible and digestible for any age group. With 15 years of experience, sharing science around the world to all age groups, I am comfortable creating custom content for any audience.

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