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Translated science, great resources, and tips for sharing science!


Covid-19 Translated

This PDF answers to common questions, and lays out the most recent research in an easier to read way. 

This document was updated November 1st 2021


We have the coolest planet, but so many people haven't noticed! I want everyone to love our planet and fight for our future on it. This resource is for anyone who talks to people about nature and science, formally or not. I hope you can use these tricks to help you make science more accessible and relatable to any audience, regardless of their technical knowledge. I define Science Translation as the rendering of scientific concepts into everyday language; by translating science, instead of just communicating it, we connect with wider and more diverse audiences.

 Bryna B's Tips for Great Science Translation 


Bryna B's Tips for Finding Good Data

General tips on how to find reliable data and how to think critically about what you read 

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